Alf Darb, is a training curriculum aimed for individuals who want to join the workforce or improve their engagement/productivity levels in the work place or any professional environment with a focus on values and attitudes for excellence. The curriculum is:

Holistic  |  Creative, transformational, inspiring  |  Individualized learning journey  |  Human-centred blended learning module

We place the people we serve at the centre of our process, content and services. We work on their understanding of their dreams, passion, purpose and ambitions and the steps required to reach their goals.

Research show that females constitute 57% of university graduates who are eager and hungry for productivity, economic independence and access to employment. This is where Alf Darb comes into play. The Alf Darb curriculum has a unique methodology and approach. It provides participants with the opportunity to craft their own journeys to acquire the skills, expertise, tools and networks needed for their personal growth and development. In addition, the program aims to generate employment opportunities for participants. The modules focus on attitude and motivation, readiness for work, entrepreneurship, leadership, empathy, and technical skills acquisition all the way to job placement and eventually to setting up and running a business.