About Alf Khair

Alf Khair is a social enterprise founded in 2013 in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Alf Khair strives to empower human capital and boost productivity in the nation, through a number of initiatives designed to educate, train and develop skills, and inspire the next generation of youth and entrepreneurs. Alf Khair aims to intellectually and emotionally challenge, the employed and unemployed to reach their highest potential in their personal and professional growth. We drive awareness and develop creative solutions to issues that have a Saudi and global impact.

Our Story

At Alf Khair we invest in people; to motivate them and increase their productivity, all while maintaining a healthy, professional environment where one could flourish and prosper. An environment where an employee is encouraged to find their stimulus, explore their passion, and align the former with a strong sense of purpose. We believe that such contributions are not restricted to the organization an employee is part of – they have a positive and profound effect on the communities in which they dwell and on society as a whole.

Moreover, this community-based venture maintains an emphasis on empowering all members of society: to enable them to contribute to society and help pave and light their way to success. We encourage the individual to discover their self-worth, passion, and goals. And even though we’ve come a long way, and we continue to make progress, the hardships and challenges continue. The fact that they are, underscores the need to continue raising awareness by shedding light on the matter.

Our Journey


HRH Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud founded Alf Khair, a social enterprise.


We have captured the interest of various public interest outlets. Many of them insisted on taking part in our cause: allowing women (57% of which university graduates) to join the workforce and facilitating their transition. Consequently, this resulted in positive, economic growth in Saudi Arabia.


We launched 10KSA: An initiative designed to raise awareness and shed light on a culture’s attitude toward holistic health and devoted to shifting the healthcare discussion from crisis care to preventative care.


We restructured our program, strategically; shining a spotlight on our cause, underlining what we stand for. Our method of operation? Launching three initiatives designed to generate job opportunities.

Our Mission

To provide access to opportunities

Our Vision

We strive to be a center of excellence for personal and professional growth. We empower those who strive for excellence and enable them to live up to their potential

Our Values

Authenticity, Passion, Integrity, Creativity, Compassion, Collaboration

When Girl Rising started their work in Saudi Arabia, they knew that a partnership with Alf Khair was a must. Alf Khair is leading the way in more ways than one in the Kingdom. Everything the team at Alf Khair does is with immense passion, enthusiasm, professionalism and hope. We are proud to support their vision of life being full of opportunities, and embrace their entrepreneurial spirit.
Nicolla Hewitt
Advisor and Director of Girl Rising in the Middle East
Alf Khair purposefully designed a solution where the interests of the Saudi community, the private, public and third sectors meet. Born out of a deep understanding that development and progress can only happen if we focus on people, we ensured that the design journey and the experience of Alf Khair is a human centric one. This resulted in exponential impact from the early days: 100% of individuals have clarity on their personal and professional goals and a self-sufficiency plan, 100% of clients saw better team work and better performance in the workplace, and Alf Khair is a competitive, growing and sustainable social enterprise.
Reem Khouri
Founder and CEO of Kaamen (Alf Khair Board Member and Partner)
I have personally witnessed the impact of Alf Darb training program on our teams. As we were promoting women empowerment within the company, our concern was to turn potential into reality. During the course of the Alf Darb training program, I have seen our employees suddenly gaining self-confidence, understanding about themselves, their resources, their goals, and how to get there. I have observed our team members changing their perspectives on the corporate world from a world of constraints to a world of possibilities. The impact of the training resulted in more driven team members, with better team spirit, displaying fruitful emotional intelligence. This in turn contributed to reduced staff attrition, better productivity, improved customer service and more happiness at the workplace. Alf Khair team members master the best of Western and Eastern techniques while having a true understanding of local traditions and minds from all parts of society. They care and it shows
Frederic Levy-Perrault
Chief Executive Officer Carrefour Saudi Arabia


At “Alf Khair”, we strive to empower the community to access the best opportunities through a series of initiatives aimed at educating, training and developing skills and connecting them with competent authorities and appropriate stockholders. Therefore, we look for those who have the ability, experience and passion to help us achieve our goal.