Alf Hewar

Alf Khair

Alf Hewar is the latest initiative from Alf Khair, the team behind 10KSA and Alf Darb and Create. Alf Hewar is an awareness and informational forum between two change makers: one local and the other international, the conversation is curated to share ideas, inspire professionals, facilitate networking and create a positive impact

By the year 2019, the number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to exceed the five billion mark where 2.6 billion will be on smartphones. Smartphones are becoming more and more powerful with every passing day, a major part of our daily routine goes towards using mobiles and more specifically the app

Join us in our first Alf Hewar, an exclusive talk with two experts in the field of App design. Our speakers: Dr. Sebastian Stricker from Berlin, founder and head of ShareTheMeal, a crowdfunding app to fight global hunger through the United Nations World Food Program and Mr.

Nadeem Bakhsh from Riyadh founder of the multi-award winning UXBERT Usability Lab, and developer of the award winning app Sawwagy, a family driver management app. Both speakers share the same passion to develop the community through technology and innovation

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