Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Alf Khair

In 2014, Alf Khair marked Women’s Entrepreneurship Day by inviting female entrepreneurs from creative disciplines to meet and exchange ideas in a unique setting. The Founders of international fashion brands Marchesa (Keren Craig), Tinker Tailor and Moda Operandi (Aslaug Magnusdottir), were introduced to Saudi entrepreneurs working in fashion, food and design (including fashion designer Honayda Serafi, Tala Sahaf of Rabat Manzil, Seral Sofi of the BBQ Joint). This event is one of a series where famous designers and personalities from around the world have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with their Saudi counterparts. Alf Khair hosted the event in collaboration with the founder of Saudi fashion brand FashionPlate, and was supported by Uber, who offered complimentary transportation to the event, which was held at a remote located on the outskirts of Riyadh, called Edge of the World.